Review Policy

I’m currently interested in review requests, feel free to write me to my e-mail || || tell me what your book is about if you feel that it could be of interest to me. in case of being interested, I’ll be happy to answer as soon as possible. (your consult is never a hassle)

I prefer to receive the books in physical format since it’s more comfortable and familiar for me to read this way, but I’m aware that this can be expensive as I live in Argentina, so I have no problem receiving e-arcs format instead

My reviews are 100% honest, I really like to talk about everything I think is relevant to the book: about the writing style, the characters, the world building and different characteristics that I find interesting to highlight.
I know that the work of writing a book deserves a serious and detailed work on my part when I write my review so even when I don’t like the book, my reviews are always written with the greatest of respect, and I’ll always try to touch both the good points, as well as the bad ones

I prefer the YA category at the time of reading, it’s my favorite genre, but I could also be interested in some titles of the NAΒ or AdultΒ category. Within these categories its sub-genres like Fantasy, Contemporary, Dystopian, Mystery, Mythology,Β Paranormal, Romance and Thriller, among others

I’ll be uploading my reviews here in my blog and also in Goodreads πŸ™‚