Book Review: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

35216509Title: They Both Die at the End

By: Adam Silvera

Published: September 7th 2017

By: Simon & Schuster

Genre: YA-Romance-GLBT-Family-Contemporary

When Mateo receives the dreaded call from Death-Cast, informing him that today will be his last, he doesn’t know where to begin. Quiet and shy, Mateo is devastated at the thought of leaving behind his hospitalised father, and his best friend and her baby girl. But he knows that he has to make the most of this day, it’s his last chance to get out there and make an impression.

Rufus is busy beating up his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend when he gets the call. Having lost his entire family, Rufus is no stranger to Death-Cast. Not that it makes it any easier. With bridges to mend, the police searching for him and the angry new boyfriend on his tail, it’s time to run.

Isolated and scared, the boys reach out to each other, and what follows is a day of living life to the full. Though neither of them had expected that this would involve falling in love…

Another beautiful, heartbreaking and life-affirming book from the brilliant Adam Silvera, author of More Happy Than Not and History Is All You Left Me. 


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This is a very beautiful book, it’s certainly heartbreaking, but in such a meaningful way, if that makes sense. I loved to undertake this journey with Rufus and Mateo, it was an adorable discovery journey and although I feel that it finished so soon, they will be a long time in my heart 


The story follows Mateo and Rufus, both receive a call from Death-Cast announcing that they will die within the next 24 hours. Mateo is a very lonely guy so he doesn’t really want to spend his last day alone, so he gets into an app called The Last Friend where he finds Rufus and both guys, although they’re very different from each other, find in the other’s company what they need and they’ll try to live their last day to the fullest 

Everything that happens in the book takes place 24 hours, which is very crazy because after finishing it, it seems that it has been much longer since so many things happen in it. I feel that it has been absolutely adorable, knowing that you’ll lose your life being so young is heartbreaking, but I love to see how they overcome that fact, try to discover themselves and find support in each other and see how this friendship grows during the course of the book it has been very beautiful. Adam is a genius in terms of creating characters, it’s my favorite thing about his books, I think you’ll always find variety in them and that makes the plot much more entertaining and interesting.

You can think that the fact that the book is entitled “They Both Die At The End”, can make some spoilers to you, but in fact, I don’t feel that it’s a problem when you’re reading the book, obviously you’ll always be afraid for them, but during the plot you never know what will happen and many surprising and sudden things happen so this itsn’t exactly predictable


I really liked that it’s so light, although it’s so deep, you know? It’s like you’re reading something so significant with such beautiful words and lovely quotes but at the same time it’s not a heavy or overwhelming reading, it’s very light. 
It’s divided into 4 parts, which will prepare you for the ending, it helps a lot that the chapters are so short, which makes reading it fast. To be honest, I know I was like a whole week reading this book lol, but I felt that I wasn’t rushed to finish it, I enjoyed reading it, it was quite an experience and I recommend it a lot

The main characters are adorable, I adore Rufus as much as I love Mateo, I think Mateo is the one that has grown the most throughout story, he’s so sweet and compassionate, a truly empathic human being that I’m sure you’ll love, while Rufus is a bit more wild and extroverted, I think that as their personalities were so different it was very interesting and fun to see them interact and see at the same time how they were learning from each other. What was a day for them felt like years to me, but in a good way, I mean, their relationship grows a lot and they also grows as people and this makes it very surprising when you remember that they have only spent one day together.

There are other characters in the book besides them, which also have individual points of view and which will tell us their stories. Some of them have also received the Dead-Cast call, so we’ll also know how they face their last day. But what I found like so amazing about all things was how the stories and the lives of each of these characters end up intertwining and crossing at some point, I find that incredible, I don’t think it’s something very easy to do when you are writing , intertwine characters in his last day of life, with so different stories. Having done that so well is really a great merit.

Sadly I’m not sure about the end. I expected more, to be honest, and once I finish it, it was like “that’s it?”, Really, I wanted more, I needed to know how the day would end to feel like I could close the story. If you like open or unfinished endings maybe you don’t bother or don’t even notice this but, I’ll not lie, it was a little disappointing for me, that a story so well told with so much meaning doesn’t have the end I expected 


I feel that the main point of the book is self-discovery and it also makes you wonder how you live your life, if you live to the fullest or leave things for later. How important it’s to say “I love you” to our loved ones and also encourage yourself to live without fear and without prejudice, I adore all the beautiful meaning that this book has.Even though, I thought I would cry, I didn’t do it, which is weird because I’m quite sensitive, but I feel that although I understand that it’s heartbreaking, because it’s, there was something inside of me waiting for a better ending and that left me somewhat confused until now lol. Even so, I can’t stop to recommend it, is a very beautifull book, the characters are valuable and diverse. They value friendship and family above all and that is wonderful


4/5 Stars

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27 thoughts on “Book Review: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

  1. I agree that the ending could have been more definite. I wasn’t sure how things were ending for anybody else that I’d followed through the story and I didn’t like that. I did love the book though. I liked History Is All You Left Me much more though.

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  2. Ahh, I read this a while back and really liked it, too! Agree with everything you said. You’d think it’d be an incredibly sad book but it wasn’t really? It’s not so much about death but about living in the moment, which is a really beautiful thing. I really enjoyed the multiple perspectives from other characters, too. Great review! 🙂

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  3. That was an amazing review! And this one sounds like it would be really worth the read. I’ve seen and heard about this book for so many time and I really wanted to read it.

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  4. Wonderful review! at first I thought the ending for Rufus was inconclusive but after talking twitter DM’ing with my “support group” for this read, they pointed out something i’d missed. Although it’s made to seem open ended for Rufus it wasn’t but i don’t want to spoil it here in the comment section for anyone who hasn’t read it lol. It completely went over my head tbh & when another blogger told me what happened to Rufus I started bawling my eyes out! smh. I’m glad you still enjoyed the read, you are SO RIGHT! Adam is phenomenal with creating characters you can’t help but love 🙂

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  5. This is a lovely, spoiler-free review! I have a copy of this review, but I haven’t gotten to it yet… but that title… you just HAVE to know, you know? I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I definitely appreciate the warning about the ending.

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  6. This is a lovely review. I devoured this book so quickly and at one point I thought I had figured out a future possible twist but as it turns out I was completely wrong. That’s why I don’t try to figure out plot twists in advance, lol.

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